Homo sapiens conquered the world because of its unique language. The Cognitive Revolution occurred between 70,000 to 30,000 years ago. It allowed Homo sapiens to communicate at a level never seen before in language. As far as we know, only Homo sapiens can talk about things we have never seen, touched, or smelled.


From New Latin Homo sapiens, from Latin sapiÄ“ns, present active participle of sapiō (“discern, be capable of discerning").

The earliest fossils of the species date to about 315 thousand years ago. Homo sapiens definition: 1. modern humans considered together as a species 2. modern humans considered together as a species. Learn more. Homo sapiens definition is - humankind.

Sapiens meaning

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The word Sapien derives (or comes) from an old latin word meaning 'Wise'. The word 'Sapien' is most commonly recognized when used in conjunction with the word 'Homo' (an anient greek word meaning 'same, or man'). Used together and written as 'Homo sapien', it describes a species of man or human being. Same wise, or in modern terms 'likewise'. The biological classification of modern humans. Homo sapiens is Latin for “the wise human” or “the clever human.” The earliest Homo sapiens was Neanderthal, who developed about 150,000 years ago.

English Translation. a wise. More meanings for sapiens. understanding adjective. intelligens, intellegens, prudens, sciens, rationabilis. sage noun. salvia, sophos, sophus.

sapiens meaning : Related News. Apr. 8, 2021 - Oldest DNA from a Homo sapiens reveals surprisingly recent Neanderthal ancestry Nature.com - www.nature.comOldest DNA from a Homo sapiens reveals surprisingly recent Neanderthal ancestry - Nature.com Sapiens Urdu Meaning - Find the correct meaning of Sapiens in Urdu, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from English to Urdu. There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Sapiens in Urdu is اِنسان, and in roman we write it Insan. Definitions and Meaning of Homo sapiens in English Homo sapiens noun.

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind is a book by Yuval Noah Harari, first published in Hebrew in Israel in 2011 based on a series of lectures Harari taught at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and in English in 2014. The book surveys the history of humankind from the evolution of archaic human species in the Stone Age up to the twenty-first century, focusing on Homo sapiens. The account is situated within a framework that intersects the natural sciences with the social

Sapiens meaning

Human Geography - Geologic 2020-10-19 · Two competing theories address what happened next. The “Interbreeding Theory” argues that sapiens bred with each other local human species as they spread, meaning that Eurasians were part Sapiens, part Neanderthals, while East Asians were part Sapiens, part Erectus. Humans' species name, Homo sapiens, means 'wise man.' In light of our short-sighted behavior, we need to change it, one writer proposes.

Sapiens meaning

Nominative. Sapiens. Sapiens. A pitiful race that will most likely cause it's own extinction before its technologies fully develop. Sapiens definition: wise or sagacious | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples English Translation.
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名詞解釋: 所謂「智慧人」就是人被認為是具有智慧的,可以利用其智慧做很多事情 。西方古代基督教的人的圖像就有這種概念。在歷史文化發展的過程中,對於人  22 Apr 2015 Video shows what sapiens means.
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Translation of «Homo-Sapiens» in English language: — Swedish-English Dictionary.

WordSense Dictionary: sapiens - meaning, definition, origin, anagrams. Info. WordSense - English dictionary containing information about the meaning, the spelling, the pronunciation, anagrams and more.We answer the questions: What does sapiens‎ mean? Homo sapiens definition: 1. modern humans considered together as a species 2.